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Architectural Photography Portfolio

Capture the atmosphere of every design with an experienced architecture photographer in the Albany / Saratoga Region of Upstate NY

Every room has a certain ambience or character, every building an aura that says its essence is work or play, home or vacation. Experienced architectural and interior design photographers arrest these feelings in photographs to bring your structures to life for potential clients who have not yet experienced them in person. As the final link in the chain of craftsmen who design and build residential and commercial establishments, our architectural photography strives to embody the collaborative efforts of the architects, builders, interior designers, and finish carpenters.

Our images depict the soul of each architectural creation through careful consideration of light, the proper camera angle, and how to highlight the details that best communicate the project. Computerized post photography digital enhancement and retouching complete the process of developing a photograph as stunning as the building itself.

Do you need professional architectural photography? Contact Saratoga Photographer to get a quote.