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Food Photography Portfolio

Gourmet food photographer creates images so appealing they’re almost edible

As a chef or restaurateur, you know that arrangement, color, and form are just as important to appetite as taste and smell. The aim of professional food photography is to use these plating techniques to inform the composition, saturation, and focus of each photo, creating mouthwatering images that literally cause viewers to salivate, imagining the tastes and smells of your dishes.

After consulting with you about your menu and special epicurean creations, we choose the dish or dishes that best represent your chef or restaurant, the proper location for the shot, and the most complimentary lighting scheme to produce beautiful culinary images for advertising or promotional uses. Food preparation and styling can be done either in our studio kitchen or on location at your facility.

Do you need to update your menu or website? Contact Saratoga Photographer for some delicious new images.